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We believe that responsible travel with local communities creates life changing experiences that stay with us forever. Our travel projects are designed for remote, fragile landscapes that fit in harmoniously amongst indigenous communities. Our journeys strive to bring authentic cultural heritage to our guests by sharing integrative local knowledge, sustainable practices and timeless folklore & stories. Please see the link for reviews below.

An avid traveler, she came to the mountains as a student and has since been a part of it. An architect by profession her research on sacred and sustainable architecture of Ladakh brought her closer to the local community, cuisine and belief systems of the place. After designing sustainable structures and furniture across the country, she now runs her furniture design studio and workshop in Leh and runs Hearth stays and journeys.

Hailing from Ladakh, and spending his crucial formative years traversing the tough terrain, has imbibed in him an accurate understanding of life and landscape of Ladakh. With extensive study and practice in social reforms and community development, he returned to his roots to contribute his learnings through local schools, organisations and his own ventures. A photographer and hotelier by profession he is constantly stimulated with experiencing and providing travel escapades for the last decade through Himalayan Rhapsody which we now call as Hearth Journeys.


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